Piyavar was founded (6 employees) 1995  
  1997 Produces hospital beds
Builds Factory 1 1998  
  1999-2000 Production line automated
Staff at Factory 1 now 55
Exports to Middle East countries 2001  
  2002 Develops bedside lockers and other accessories
Builds Piyavar  Training Centre 2004  
  2005-2008 Builds Factory 2
Staff at Factory 1 and
Factory two now 86
Invests  2 million $ on modern machineries 2009  
  2010-2011 Founds Piyatech in Malaysia

Piyavar was founded in 1995 in order to produce hospital beds. In 1997 with a huge investment Factory 1 was built in an area of 5,000 square meters.

Applying strategic management, continuous improvement process (CIP), quality management, research and development, full automatic facilities, and systematic approach toward management, Piyavar Group could bring about great changes just within few years.

After automating production line and training department’s persevere activity Piyavar Group succeeded to reduce its costs up to 50%.

Since 1998 company has been achieving a record of steady growth. Indeed output has increased by over five hundred percent. This growth put increasing pressure on Factory 1 and made the expansion of production capacity inevitable. Consequently Piyavar Group established Factory 2 in an area of 10,000 square meters with modern machineries.

By now Piyavar Group became the first and biggest hospital furniture manufacturer in Iran and the Middle East.

Piyavar has been growing faster and faster and has become the leading hospital furniture manufacturer in the Middle East with several representatives in overseas countries such as Sweden, Austria, Oman, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Syria, Indonesia, etc.

Now after overcoming various challenges, Piyavar Group is determined to break boundaries and make Piyavar Group an international company. Three years of investigation revealed that Malaysia can be the gate to the world. After initial negotiations with Malaysian Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Health, and Malaysian Industrial Development Authority (MIDA), the next step was made, and that was Piyatech in Malaysia.
Malaysia has prominent aspects with regard to skilled labour, transport, materials, position, government grants, etc. In fact as part of its new expansion programme, Piyavar Group has been investing in its Malaysian subsidiary, Piyatech.