Message From The Board

Unless there is a high level of investment in ideas, men and machinery, a company cannot stay competitive. However, high investment by itself does not automatically mean the efficient utilization of skills and resources. Productivity is affected by such factors as company organisation, leadership, training and the way in which products are manufactured.

One of the critical aspects of any organisation’s environment is the state of technology which affects it. Piyavar Group has its plans ready for any changes that might take place in the market. While it’s true that technological development and high investment have had a strong impact on Piyavar Group’s success, this is not the whole story. To Piyavar Group’s point of view, company with all its components is like a human body; unless all parts work properly, the company cannot run forward.
Additionally, an important part of Piyavar Group’s policy has been the special emphasis placed on Customer Voice. Getting original feedbacks from the end users and care givers, Piyavar Group has succeeded in applying appropriate changes in its various products’ features.

Piyavar Vision

We manage hospital beds with creativity in design, research & high technology.

Piyavar Mission

Customers, Products and Services

We are committed to provide the best products and services possible in this business to all our new and existing customers. All Piyavar products undergo the strictest quality controls that have world class recognition. Our quality control processes and procedures are ISO 9001:13485 certified.


Piyavar offers its employees a challenging work experience, a friendly and collaborative environment in which they can learn and enhance their capabilities.


Piyavar enjoys high-tech facilities in a wide range to manufacture its products.


The main share of hospital beds’ market in Iran belongs to Piyavar. During recent years we have entered the Middle East market. Now this is a defining moment in time for Piyavar that wants to enter the global market.