Piyavar group starts on its training department

Piyavar Group believes that the competitive advantage of firm relies on its staff ability to apply new knowledge to new products and processes.
To benefit from this, Piyavar Group has established a training department with complete facilities. In this complex theoretical and practical trainings in various fields are transferred to the trainees by experts
In Mashhad’s 11th Iran Health 2011 Exhibition 5-8 January inauguration, the deputy in charge of medical equipment of Health Ministry, Olum Pezeshki University, and many other university deans were present. 133 local manufacturers and representative of foreign companies from USA, Germany, China, South Korea, France, etc took part in this international exhibition. The exhibition was held in an area around five thousand square meters. Due to vast broadcasting, a large amount of medical centers’ executives attended the exhibition. During the exhibition
time, Piyavar staff visited Bahar nursing house in Mashhad and denoted several hospital beds to this institution.
During Ardabil 4th Medical Equipment, Lab and drug Exhibition 7-10 July 2011 and Isfahan 9th Medical Equipment, dentistry, and Lab Exhibition 12-15 October 2011, many prominent people and dignities visited Piyavar booth and showed their interest for furnishing their units with Piyavar products. According to most of visitors, Piyavar products enjoy high quality and beauty.