After Sales Services

Piyavar Co. officially started its activities in the field of hospital beds design and manufacture since 1995. Piyavar designs and produces products with a variety of specifications, in order to meet customers’ needs. From the very beginning Piyavar made its best to provide satisfactory after sales services for its customers in addition to necessary guarantees. Piyavar believes that supplying a product only represents a small part of the relationship between customer and company. For this reason we are happy to respond any problems which may occur after the product has arrived at its end destination and take great pride in the level of satisfaction which many of our customers have shown as a result of our efforts. All Piyavar after sales service specialists are exposed to a systematic training program which focuses on customer care skills, service management, product, Piyavar parts and technical knowledge. Successful completion of all levels of training results in certification of the Service Specialist. On the basis of satisfaction surveys and customers’ opinions, Piyavar tries to improve its products and services continuously.