1090 | Type 1

1090 Type 1





Overall dimensions1955 mm × 922 mm
Mattress platform1640 mm × 722 mm
Hi – Low1075 mm – 670 mm
Side rail height685 mm
Backrest angle0 – 75º
Kneerest angle0 – 30º
Safe working load150 kg
Casters (Central Locking)150 mm
Power input max250 VA
Casters (Central Locking)150 mm
Main power system220 V – 50 Hz, 24 V DC
Electrical current protectionClass 1
Electrical shock protectionType B
Operation mode10%, max: 2 min/18 min
IP ratingIP 66


Bed Ends

The transparent bed ends create a

pleasant and cheerful atmosphere

for children and others in the room

throughout the treatment period.

The 1090 bed’s seamless blow-

molded bed ends are lightweight,

durable, and simple to clean. With

their smooth surfaces and high-

quality construction, the bed ends

are suitable steam cleaning.

Central Locking Casters

150 mm central locking casters run extremely smoothly; the quality that makes it significantly easy for the nursing staff to move the bed.

In addition, the foot pedals allow effortless transition between the three modes of the central locking system:

safe central locking (down)

easy maneuvering and positioning (middle)

fast directional movement (up)

to provide a smooth and controlled single person transportation of the bed in medical centers.

Bed Ends Removal

Both bed ends are equipped with secure locking mechanisms that are simple to use. These locking mechanisms prevent unwanted bed ends removal or unsupervised bed exit. In order to have better access to the patient’s head or foot, the caregiver can easily remove the bed ends by in two easy steps by unlocking the mechanism and grasping the hand holds to lift them up.


All positions of this bed are achieved by powerful, reliable, low noise, column

and liner actuators. As the actuators have IP66 rating, they are protected against ingression of dust and water. This prominent feature of actuators makes it easy to clean and disinfect the bed in the medical centers regularly.


Side Rails

The four-piece side rails with transparent windows Complement the bed end’s design. Their unique design follows all safety standards.

These safety sides cover the whole length of the bed, preventing children from falling or exiting the bed without supervision. Each safety side has a single step retraction mechanism which allows for easy access to the patient.


Mattress Platforms

The ABS mattress platforms of this bed exhibit notable features including smooth surfaces, exceptional durability, and easy removal for hassle-free cleaning and disinfection. Moreover, these mattress platforms are designed to be compatible with steam cleaning, ensuring thorough sanitation.


Handset Control

User-friendly handset controller

with illustrative schematics makes

it simple and easy for the caregiver

to adjust the bed with different

positions. The handset controller

can be placed on both safety

side for easy access.


Rotary bumpers that are located on four corners of the bed can prevent to a large extent the damages that may occur due to unwanted collision of the bed to the surroundings during transportation.



Back Rest

Knee Rest





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