8000T1 | Type 2

8000T1 Type 2


Overall dimensions2050 mm × 940 mm
Centro comercial Moctezuma1870 mm × 720 mm
Ernst Handel900 mm – 580 mm
Island Trading410 mm
Laughing Bacchus Winecellars1458 mm
Magazzini Alimentari Riuniti0 – 85º
Safe working load220 kg
Casters (Central locking)200 mm


Side Rails

8000T1 has a pair of durable, robust, and easy to clean side rails that provide a protective height and length to ensure the patient’s safety during transportation and treatment period. Both safety side rails are equipped with innovative and easy to use locking mechanisms that allow the rails to be securely locked in an upright position to maximize the patient’s safety. Pulling the upward locking handle, the caregiver can easily collapse the side rails.


200 mm central locking casters run extremely smoothly,
the quality that makes it significantly easy for the nursing
staff to move the bed. In addition, the foot pedals allow
effortless transition between the three modes of the
central locking system:
– Safe central locking (down)
– Easy maneuvering and positioning (middle)
– Fast directional movement (up)
to provide a smooth and controlled single person
transportation of the bed in the medical centers.


The backrest position can be adjusted by a single crank that is located at the foot end of the trolley. The crank can be tucked under the trolley to avoid any collision with the surroundings.

Mattress Platforms

The trolley’s ABS mattress Platforms boast many helpful features, like smooth surfaces, high durability, and a lightweight, easily transportable frame enabling quick and painless removal for cleaning and disinfection, including steam cleaning.

Oxygen Cylinder Holder

Oxygen cylinder holder is located underneath the trolley.

Adjustable Grip Handles

Two pairs of adjustable handles at the head and foot end of 8000T1 allow the nursing staff to move the trolley easily in the medical centers.

Hydraulic Cylinder

The lower section of the 8000T1 bed is equipped with a foot pedals on each side, operated by robust and high-quality hydraulic cylinder. This pedal allow for easy adjustment of the trolley height.



Innovative rotary bumpers which are located on four comers of beds can prevent to a large extent the damages that may cause collision of the bed to the surroundings during transportation.

Urine Bag Holder

Urine bag holders can easily install on either side of the trolley in one step.




Back rest